Where will you go next?

How do I get an exhibition?

How do I get that all-important grant?

How do I fine-tune my arts organization’s relevancy?


Hi! I’m Vicky!

My favorite spaces, without a doubt, are those created by artists.

My 18 years of experience organizing art exhibitions in museums and galleries have shaped how I work. My passion is helping emerging and mid-career artists and arts organizations succeed in their craft.

I have helped artists and arts organizations:

  • Get project and organizational grants and awards
  • Polish artist statements, organizational documents to better communicate intention
  • Improve messaging on artist or organization’s websites
  • Develop strategies to expand local and virtual audiences for better dissemination and engagement
  • And much, much more

In my consulting practice, I offer my expertise and knowledge of best practices to boost artistic and organizational development. Connect with me at info@vickychaineygagnon.ca

You can expect from me: confidentiality, attentiveness, and competence in broad areas of the arts.

My consulting experience with Vicky was extremely useful. She helped me obtain my first CCA grant in 2019 and also helped me clarify future goals for my career and the steps I needed to take to get there. With her wealth of experience I always felt that I was getting relevant and practical knowledge – a true insider’s perspective. At the same time I always felt respected by Vicky and that I was getting advice based on what my goals were. I never felt pushed to be a different kind of artist than I am. While I work hard at developing the main aspect of my art practice in my studio, I feel comforted and confident to know that Vicky is there to help with the other side of my practice – galleries, grants, etc.” — Scott Bertram, Artist

“Je cherchais une commissaire d’exposition talentueuse pour m’aider dans le développement et l’écriture de ma démarche artistique et j’ai trouvé Vicky. Elle est une personne très à l’écoute qui donne de son temps et de l’implication dans son travail. Cela a été un réel plaisir d’échanger avec elle en Anglais comme en Français. Son travail a accentué et éclairé les liens évidents de ma pratique artistique, telle une magicienne de l’écriture.” — Elody Sanchis, Artiste