Work with me


I have competency in the following areas:

  • Visual Arts, Media Arts, Museology

Available for: Artists, Individuals, Cultural Not-For-Profit, Arts Organizations


I currently offer the following services for artists:

  • Coaching for grant writing, art prizes, exhibition proposals (English/French)
  • Coaching for better, more effective artist statements (English/French)
  • Coaching on expanding your network for more exhibition dissemination (English/French)
  • Writing and editing for grants and proposals (English only)
  • And much, much more!

I currently offer the following services for arts organizations:

  • Coaching for audience development/engagement (English/French)
  • Coaching to fine-tune operational management (English/French)
  • Coaching for grant writing (English/French)
  • Writing and editing for grants and proposals (English only)
  • Coaching on governance and organizational change (English/French)
  • Coaching on the development of public art projects (English/French)

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“I am so pleased that I was able to hire Vicky to review an application for me. She is clearly very experienced in her field. Her insight led me to articulate things about my art practice that I never had before: important things that I was taking for granted. She let me write in my own way and patiently helped me refine the ideas, in the ways that I felt comfortable, checking in just often enough while giving me the space to work. I was able to use much of the writing again, for many things. So much value was added through hiring her! I really appreciated her speed and efficiency. Vicky’s warm personality put me at ease and allowed me to be honest about the ways that I felt a little stuck, unsure of how to proceed when looking at different directions for the application. I am very happy with the quality of my text and what I presented. A positive experience all around” — Shelley Vanderbyl, Artist